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“Measuring the employment perspective” – Join our international Webinar


"Meaning behind indicators of the subjective employment perspective of older workers"


The aim of the webinar is to discuss the meaning behind indicators of older workers' "subjective employment perspective" (e.g. preferred or expected retirement age) with retirement researchers.


Prof. Hasselhorn is interviewing the invited experts, Dr. Subas Neupane, Tampere University, Finland and Moritz Hess, Hochschule Niederrhein, Germany.


Background: Quantitative retirement research investigating older workers and their transition into retirement is interested in the workers' anticipation of future employment. The term "subjective employment perspective" is covering subjective indicators as "preferred retirement age", "planned retirement age", "expected retirement age" and "age being able to work to". In a population, the mean preferred retirement age is usually far below statutory retirement age, while the workers plan to work longer and - on average - report to be able to work even longer. Often, these indicators are used as proxies for future real retirement age. But are they valid proxies ? Which indicator predicts real exit best? What else do the indicators tell us in retirement research?


Two experts who all have worked with these indicators will for one hour exchange on this topic - together with the audience.


The webinar is organised by the subcommittee Aging and Work of the International Commission on Occupational Health.


The webinar is open to all. Join from a PC, Mac, iOS or Android following this ZOOM link: https://latrobe.zoom.us/j/9356965098

Date: Monday, May 9th, 11.00 to 12.00 o'clock, CET Summertime